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Extrait de "10ve, l'amour du bit"

Prise de vue, de son et d'ambiance: Philippe Coudert,

vs VJ Discomolino again!

Un avant goût:

Lieu: Maison de quartier de la Madeleine, Rue Emile Péhant, Nantes

Date: Vendredi 27 Avril, 23 heures 07 minutes

Live : Los Chapuceros de Albuquerque @Constant Variable

Oscar Martin aka NoishX and I aka Gary Glitcher were on a residency in Mons. we took advantage of the proximity to Bruxelles to pay a visit to Constant on the inaugurating day of their new temporary venue called... Constant Variable. They invited us for a gig which we gladly accepted.

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Performance at Mojito Bar, Taganga

Gary Glitcher - Taganga

  • Saturday 16 April 21.00
  • Mojito Bar, Calle 14, Taganga, Departamento del Magdalena, Colombia
  • Bits and pieces of sounds and images
  • collected in and around Taganga
  • as well as in Medellin
  • dogs, cactus, birds....
  • cactus, cactus, cactus, cactus....
  • bird nest 1, bird nest 2, cactus...
  • adobe, bird nest 1 1/2, cactus, cactus, cactus...
  • barrio, metrocable, barrio, cactus....

Live aux éditions de la Criée

Duo de Gary Glitcher (Synthèse, Glitch , Puredata) avec le Veejay Discomolino (Processing, Puredata)


Lors de la soirée organisée par la maison d'édtions à la criée de Rezé à la maison de l'île , à Nantes.

Livecoding avec emoc

Livecoding au studio 13 On 04 October 2010, emoc, the codelab.fr founder, and I had the chance to spend one whole night at the Studio 13, run by the Polarités, in Quimper, inside a 4-speaker ambisonics setup which really helped us patching a few nice immersive sonic waves.

You can listen to a stereo mixdown on emoc's soundcloud's account. I hope you will enjoy the tracks titles as much as the tracks itselves, which are crudely cut out from a 50+ minutes impro.

If you dare it, you can get the Puredata patches from my Gitorious repository.

Apéro Codelab #2

Quimper, 25 avril 2009
Live à l'apéro codelab #2 à Quimper

Performance inaugurale lors du premier Apéro Codelab

Bar le Canotier, Nantes, 19 décembre 2008

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