My Bildungsroman

linxu-vs-art.png Graduated from the Rennes Fine Arts School in 2000, after studies at the University of Rennes II and the Hfbk Hamburg. After early performances with the Ex-TV & artist collectives, started working for the stage thanks to Bruno Pocheron and have since then been mainly working as a sound, video and interface designer with French & German choreographers (Isabelle Schad/Good Work Productions, Amaraoui/Burner, David Rolland, Blanca Li) and theater directors (Judith Depaule, Thierry Bédard), or visual artists (Carl Marquis, Claire Pollet).

Performs irregularly under the Gary Glitcher nickname weird duets (w/ Olivier Baudu, Boris Hauf, Emoc, VJ Discomolino). Involved in the free software artistic scene with the Servideo collective from Paris, as well as Ping in Nantes, gives workshops and trainings about interactive art, Puredata, audio & video on Linux. Also part of different networks such as Labtolab, Rose des vents numériques, Gangplank and Labsurlab.

2009 he performed at Nantes Fine-Arts Museum a solo performance entitled 74 minutes (over Eindhoven), based upon glitched audio Cds, as well as Destructibility++, a fork featuring dancer Jean-Gérald Dorseuil in Berlin.

His next projects are T(h)alweg, both a performance and an audio installation adapted from/with Catherine Lenoble topofictional novel Petit bain (festival sonor at Lieu Unique, March 2011). He's also working on Severe Moral Purity with Bruno Hauf & Boris Pocheron, Mali Motion, a joyful video gig with the Yeta collective from Bamako.

My Babel tower