DESESPERANTO is a multimedia performance that relies upon interactivity between threee media : text, music and video. Each medium takes the lead on turns and alterates the dramatic flow by controlling the behavior of the other two. It’s a kind of game which rules keep on being redefined and rebuilt, until it generates random poetry. Moved by arbitrary processes, the installation’s proposal is related to communication and its weakness, the way a single content (message) may induce different reactions according to the way it is sent (emission) or received (interpretation).

At the time, Iasn't into free software yet, using Macromedia Director and Mac OS X, as well as MIDI network. Ramon Tio Bellido wrote a nice text (for free, as in beer), which I can't find anymore...

Flash Programming : Catherine André

Technical Assistance : Emmanuel Debare

Production : Mabel Octobre This project is funded by the DICREAM (Dispositif pour la Création Artistique Multimédia).